So, what is a ‘Wich out of Water?

‘Wich out of Water is a new Sandwich America series from from our travels along The Great American Sandwich Trail.

To broaden our efforts, over the past year, Sandwich America partnered with USA Today 10Best and The Food Channel to find the best sandwiches in America.

Literally, sandwiches that make your mouth water.

We wanted to be a little different. So, we first selected a regional cuisine for each state.

Then, with the help of hundreds of authentically local sandwich experts, we chose our 20 favorites doing an outstanding job on those sandwiches.

We then turned it over to you – our audience – to vote for the 10Best State Sandwiches.

And, vote you did.

We received over 500,000 votes…and generated lots of conversation.

What’s Next?

Now that we finished the foundation of The Great American Sandwich Trail, we have literally hundreds of fantastic sandwiches in all 50 states + Washington DC.

But, when we thought about it, a lot of these state sandwiches are done well in other places, too.

These could be Cuban Sandwiches, Philly Cheesesteaks or Avocado Sandwiches.

The one thing in common among these sandwiches? You find them where you may least expect.

So, we created a new series called ‘Wich out of Water.

We’ll highlight rockin’ sandwiches being done deliciously well outside their ‘traditional waters’.

One of the missions at Sandwich America is to travel the nation looking for those special sandwiches that you can’t stop thinking about, those that you crave.

We’ll keep doing this – with your help, of course.

We hope you’ll share your favorites with us as we go on this journey discovering and sharing amazing sandwiches for sandwich lovers near and far

Want to help us out?

Fill in the info below, and maybe we’ll feature your sandwich…or maybe even drop by.

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