National Pickle Day on the Heels of National Sandwich Day

Some say there are no coincidences in life. At Sandwich America, we certainly agree when it comes to the start of each November. National Sandwich Day was November 3 which is followed closely by National Pickle Day on November 14. Simply put, we love pickles. So, we think this was no mistake of Food Holiday Calendaring.

Now, don’t get us wrong, we love all kinds of sandwiches. But, whether it is on the side – or on the sandwich (our favorite) – there is just something crafty from a culinary perspective of including a crunchy pickle on a sandwich.

To find out why, we checked in with one of our favorite chef partners, Terry French.

In case you are not familiar with Terry, he’s been called “Rebel Chef” and “Extreme Chef” but we just call him a friend. He was the winner of Season 2 of Food Network’s Extreme Chef television show and is the founder of the charity organization Chefs For Life to combat hunger and educate people around the world to cook and eat healthier. An adventurer at heart, Terry has traveled all over the world to study cultures and customs, and his culinary talent and techniques are a combination of these experiences.

Terry knows food, so in honor of National Pickle Day, we asked him why pickles and sandwiches are so great together.

Chef’s Talk: Why We Love Pickles

“From a culinary perspective, you need to balance the flavor profile: you need bitter, sweet, sour and salty to make the mouth water…and pickles got it all. As a chef, I look at pickles as a sexy thing, yet people don’t always appreciate them. The pickle is a rock star – it adds a needed crisp, crunchy element to sandwiches.”

Pickles Perk Up Sandwiches

Who knew the humble pickle could perk up sandwiches so much?

One reason we love pickles and sandwiches that Terry did not touch on: pickles do ‘add that pop’ and a crunch, but do it without adding any calories to your sandwich.

We’d love to hear from you about your favorite recipes that show ‘why we love pickles’. Please share them with us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. We’d love to feature your sandwich inspiration as a “Sandwich of the Day” on Social Media.

We Love Pickles

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