Across America there are many restaurants, food-trucks, diners, bars, pubs, and other eating establishments that claim to have a great sandwich. Do you think your favorite eatery has the best sandwich in your town? In America? Sandwich America wants to hear from you! Snap pictures of the best sandwiches you experience out on the town.  Then share them with us as we continue our quest to find the best sandwiches in America on the Great American Sandwich Trail.  We may post your favorite sandwich and may pay a visit there as we continue The Great American Sandwich Trail.

In NOLA, Mother’s Makes Authentic New Orleans Po’ Boys

Cooking Up Authentic New Orleans Po' Boys Mother's Restaurant has been a New Orleans staple almost since it opened in the late 1930's. And, they are still roasting, baking and frying up some of the most authentic New Orleans Po' Boys around the Big Easy. Many even...

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Sandwich Innovation in Manhattan’s Lower East Side

New York's East Village Strikes Again with Sandwich Innovation This stop on The Great American Sandwich Trail finds sandwich innovation from an unlikely source. The artsy, and sometimes anarchistic, East Village of Manhattan is famous for many things. In the 1980s,...

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From Pittsburgh to Atlanta – Substantial Sandwiches

From Steel Town to A-Town with Love When you hear the name "Peach & The Porkchop" what comes to mind? If you said "sandwiches" and not "pork chops" you're probably lying. Or you've been to this stop on the Great American Sandwich Trail in Roswell, Georgia and have...

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Would You Pay $180 for a Steak Sandwich?

An eyewateringly expensive steak sandwich is coming to San Francisco, Eater reports, and no, not in the form of a regrettable late night call to room service. A Most Expensive Steak Sandwich Tokyo-based Wagyumafia will open at the city’s One Henry Development early...

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‘Wich out of Water: Smack Shack Lobster Roll

From Humble Beginnings Comes a Lobster Roll to be Reckoned With When you hear the term 'coastal destination' the Twin Cities may not be what most people have in mind. But, what started out in 2010 as a food truck and a belief that Minnesotans had a...

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A Burger So Big and Ugly…It Was Delicious

The Great American Sandwich Trail® finds great sandwiches and features the fine establishments serving up these delicious dishes so you can try them no matter where you are in the US. ==================================================================================...

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‘Wich out of Water: Big Dave’s Cheesesteaks

Stop us if you have heard this story… “In West Philadelphia born and raised... on the playground was where I spent most of my days” No. It's not THAT story. It's the story of a man who makes a 'Wich out of Water that makes your mouth water. Now, back to the Fresh...

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‘Wich out of Water: A New Sandwich Series

‘Which out of Water is the new Sandwich America series highlighting rockin’ sandwiches being done deliciously well outside their ‘traditional waters’. Join us on The Great American Sandwich Trail to find out more.

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