Is Breakfast for Dinner Naughty?

One of our FAVORITE ideas for family dinner is not dinner at all, but breakfast. There’s just something satisfying, delicious, and naughty (in a nice, innocent way) about having breakfast for dinner. Since February is National Hot Breakfast Month, and the month includes National Bagel & Lox Day (February 9), National Muffin Day (February 20), and National Pancake Day (February 21) there’s no better month to celebrate Sandwich Night in America with breakfast for dinner.

Believe it or not, if you do a Google Search for “Breakfast for Dinner“, it will turn up 17,400,000 results. That’s a lot of people interested in turning a meal tradition on its head. We all get into a rut with meals and seem to make the same choices for dinner. That’s why breakfast for dinner is so fun. We’ve found it’s important to break out of patterns…especially in a way the whole family can enjoy. That’s the idea that started Sandwich Night in America…bringing families together over a simple meal; one that everyone can take part in and enjoy.

Break out of Your Dinner Pattern

To help get you ready for a Breakfast for Dinner Sandwich Night in America, we’re bringing together five great options. From ‘old standards’ to ‘new and daring’. One thing is consistent, however, these are all delicious choices to try at home.

Lox of Love

One of the best ways to partake in breakfast for dinner sandwich-style is also one of the easiest. Bagels and Lox. Lox and smoked salmon (or Nova salmon) both taste great on a bagel. While you can certainly get fancier, for this breakfast for dinner sandwich all it takes is a plump, toasted bagel, a schmear of cream cheese and lox.

Last year, Sandwich America and USA TODAY 10Best searched for the Iconic Sandwiches in each of the 50 states. We asked readers to vote for their favorite bagel & lox in New York, and the results were…yummy. Zucker’s, your top choice, pairs their bagel with lox from Acme Smoked Fish. BTW, this list is a great way to eat your way through New York.

Stay on Track with a Healthy Breakfast for Dinner Sandwich

Keeping with the theme of last month’s Sandwich Night in America (Healthy Sandwiches) we turn to Trevor and Jennifer, from Madison, Wisconsin at Show Me the Yummy. Their website is full of easy, great recipes for food and this sandwich is no different.

Their healthy breakfast sandwich is made with eggs, veggies, and (optional) turkey & cheese. This sandwich – beyond being healthy and delicious – can be prepped ahead of time.  It is versatile enough for everyone in the family to customize (add turkey, cheese, or take out some of the veggies). Yum!

A Cross-Cultural Sandwich to Savor

Our latest favorite sandwich is a Ham and Egg Torta. We came by this beauty from a sneak peek we recently received of the new cookbook Turnip Greens and Tortillas by Eddie Hernandez with Susan Puckett. This can be super simple to make using pre-packaged lunch meat (if you are in a hurry) or made with high-quality mortadella or prosciutto (if you are feeling gourmet). Or, you can choose to use the better meat for you and the other for the kids…just sayin’.

Click here for our story and the recipe.

Family Fun, Breakfast Sandwich Style

If sliders are great for parties and great for sandwiches, then they must be great for Sandwich Night in America when we’re featuring breakfast for dinner, right? Yup.

Family Fresh Meals beat us to the punch on this one. Their Breakfast Sliders have all the ingredients of a great breakfast sandwich, in handy slider form: bacon and eggs, cheese, green onions and peppers, fresh spinach.

The sliders are easy to prepare yet look amazing and taste even better when you need to feed a hungry family. And, Corey from Family Fresh Meals also suggests wrapping up leftovers (like there will be any) and keeping them in the fridge for snacks. There’s a video on how to make the sliders on their site, too!

BLT? No, BLD Sandwich

We saved the beast for last. No, that’s not a typo. We meant “beast” not “best”.

Sara O’Donnell at Average Betty was not messing around when she created a masterpiece sandwich for “when you’re hungry, and I mean SO hungry you could eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner ALL at the same time.” It’s aptly named The BLD.

And here it is…

That’s it for February’s Sandwich Night in America.

Keep your ideas coming and please tell your friends about Sandwich America.

Next month be on the lookout for Sandwich Madness, our take on culinary competition off the hardwoods.

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