Sandwich Madness is Upon Us

This is one of our favorite times of the year. Despite the lingering of winter, spring is almost here. But, in this in-between time of the year, the weather can be a little….crazy. We are also BIG fans of college basketball and the Madness that is March. While the best of the best fight it out on the hardwood, we’ll highlight Sandwich Madness for March Sandwich Night in America.

Sandwiches are great for Game Day Parties, whether as a snack or meal. They are perfect when watching a game alone or in a large group. And, you know us, we’ll take just about any opportunity to eat a sandwich. People all around the country have lately been sharing some of the wildest and craziest sandwiches with Sandwich America. Coincidence with all the Madness that is going on? We think not.

Looking for Some Fun with Family and Friends?

Our suggestion for March Sandwich Night in America is simple: Have a little fun with your family and friends and let your creativity out. Take advantage of the inspiration below to mix things up and try something new. Get out of your rut and enjoy Sandwich Madness. After all, it’s just a game, right???

Our friend Billy from the aptly named Billys Burgers went a little overboard when someone asked him to make a 4x4, so he did. In a delicious, yet cheesey way. Madness!

Andy Carr from The Green Egg Effect brought this breakfast of champions to the arena… Tater tots, egg, sausage, cheese, and jalapeño slices, on a toasted sourdough roll!!

Tender marinated chicken is dredged in mochiko (a Japanese ‘sweet’ rice flour) and fried golden brown. Add asian slaw, pepper sauce and a fried egg…deliciousness.

David “Rev” Ciancio is the founder of #NYBurgerWeek so he knows burgers. Follow him on Instagram to find the best burgers in NYC (and listen carefully).

This grilled Cubano sandwich is nothing short of cheesy, meaty goodness with perfectly placed grill marks. Try this one at home.

Can’t decide if you want a sandwich or mac-n-cheese? How about a a sandwich WITH mac-n-cheese INSIDE. Don’t show this to the kids.

In the mood for something simple yet oh so delicious. This world-famous Carnegie Deli pastrami sandwich from The Garden gives you a guide…nice meat to bread ratio!

Those are some super stuffed sandwiches. Turk-y, Cheese-y, avocado-y, roast beef-y!!! Perfect for Game Day Parties or a family gathering of Sandwich Madness enthusiasts.

Turn Sandwich Night in America into Sandwich Madness at your home

Those are certainly elite sandwiches. Now it’s your turn. Grab your favorite ingredients and try your hand at creating a Sandwich Madness Masterpiece. This is something to try with the whole family, perhaps a friendly competition? Once you’ve made something delicious that you can be proud of, share it with us on social media. You never know, maybe we’ll feature your creation as our Sandwich of the Day.