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When you hear the name “Peach & The Porkchop” what comes to mind? If you said “sandwiches” and not “pork chops” you’re probably lying. Or you’ve been to this stop on the Great American Sandwich Trail in Roswell, Georgia and have tasted one of their delicious and substantial sandwiches.

Owner Chuck Staley makes a mean pork chop, but prides himself on his Northern-style sandwiches. Growing up in Pittsburgh he moved to the Atlanta area about 9 years ago. He really couldn’t find what he calls “sandwiches of substance” so he added them to his menu.

For Chuck, quality ingredients make the sandwich. Whenever possible they use small batch, local food in their dishes. All of their meats are ‘clean’, 100% all natural steroid, antibiotic and hormone-free. 

Smack Shack

What Makes a Substantial Sandwich?

Each of their sandwiches has a minimum one half pound of meat.

One of the menu highlights is named “The Coma” (all of their sandwiches are named).

Not because the size – but it is almost two pounds of total meat. Chuck’s brother-in-law Tim was a F-16 fighter pilot back in the Gulf War. His call sign was “Coma”, so this sandwich is a shout out to miltary families.

The sandwich features ham, turkey, German bologna, roast beef, corned beef, pastrami, a fried egg and hot Italian sausage on top with a Maxwell Farms kickin’ mustard.

It is fantastic…assuming you can get your mouth around it.

Substantial Sandwiches: The Coma

Award Winning Fried Chicken Sandwich

I first met Chuck when while working with USA Today 10Best on the Best Fried Chicken Sandwich in Georgia Reader’s Choice Award. His sandwich, “The Jim II” came in third and the top sandwich in the Atlanta area.

But, to call it Chuck’s sandwich is actually wrong. One day a customer came in and eyed a burger on the menu. He asked if he could get it with a fried chicken breast instead. He ordered one for him and one for his son. They were both names Jim…and, as they say, the rest is history.

The sandwich has been called by a local radio celebrity as ‘to die for…a party in your mouth’. The sandwich includes sauteed onions, sauteed mushrooms, sauteed jalapenos and uncured bacon, topped with cheese and buffalo wing hot sauce.

Chuck has a saying, “if you can dream it we’ll put it on the menu”. And, the Jim II has not stopped selling since the day they added it.

Substantial Sandwiches: The Jim II

A Swift and Substantial Sandwich Business

At The Peach & The Porkchop, Chuck sells close to 200 sandwiches each day. While they make a mean sandwich, they also see a trend that people like to customize their own sandwiches – and clearly take advantage of that.

What’s the craziest thing people have asked for? “I’ve seen some people come in and do a sandwich, then put a burger on top of it,” Chuck told me. “We had someone come in the other day and put a waffle as the bun. And, we have a burger where we basically have our Baker make beignets as the bun”.

People will come in and get very creative as they’re always trying to get on the menu.

Amen, Chuck!


The Peach & The Porkchop

12040 Etris Road

Roswell, GA 30075


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