It’s Game Day – Celebrate with National Championship Sandwiches!!!

The 2017 College Football Championship will soon be determined on the field at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia. At Sandwich America®, we love a good college football game almost as much as we love eating. Nothing goes better at a Game Day Party than a sandwich…or two, or three, or more. We’re helping you get ready for the game whether you’re a fan of The University of Georgia or The University of Alabama. And, what better way to celebrate the teams – and their home states – than highlighting National Championship Sandwiches?

This year is an all Southern College Football Championship. What two foods are synonymous with great food ‘Down South’? Barbecue and Fried Chicken. Last year we partnered with USA Today 10Best and The Food Channel to find iconic sandwiches in every state. Yes, before we even knew who was playing, we found National Championship Sandwiches everywhere.

To select our Iconic State Sandwiches, we thought about local culinary history and local long-time favorites. Then we let you vote. And the results? In the Battle of National Championship Sandwiches, we have Alabama’s BBQ Chicken Sandwich versus Georgia’s Fried Chicken Sandwich.

Alabama BBQ Chicken Sandwich

To not play favorites, we’ll start in alphabetical order. Alabama is famous for slow, smoked, fall off the bone chicken. But, this is not your run of the mill ‘cue. Alabama ups the sauce controversy. Not vinegar or mustard-based BBQ sauces, in ‘Bama they go a different direction: white BBQ.

If you’re not familiar with White BBQ Sauce, it’s a special blend of mayo, horseradish, vinegar, and spices. Paired with succulent smoked, pulled chicken on a sandwich…delicious.

There’s some controversy on the ‘official’ recipe. Some include apple cider vinegar while some use regular vinegar (plus apple juice). But, there’s no controversy over who created White Barbecue Sauce: Big Bob Gibson. Bob honed award-winning barbecue skills working for the railroad then became a championship BBQ competitor and finally, a restauranteur.

Check out the restaurants serving up the Best BBQ Chicken Sandwich in Alabama, as voted by Sandwich America fans and 10Best readers here.

Georgia Fried Chicken Sandwich

Besides BBQ, the other food elevated to ‘religion status’ in the South is fried chicken. Steaming hot, crispy outside, juicy inside…and, placed gently between a golden bun with a wide variety of toppings.

While there’s no longer a Midnight Train to Georgia, the history of fried chicken in the state runs deep. There’s even a famous Big Chicken in Atlanta to commemorate the role fried chicken has played in Georgian cuisine.

Scottish immigrants to the US South brought a long-standing tradition (as far back as the Middle Ages) of deep frying chicken in fat. This tradition combined with West African seasoning techniques in the 1800’s and soon became a staple dish all over the south.

When we searched for the 10Best Fried Chicken Sandwiches in Georgia we found no lack of restaurants doing this dish deliciously well. In fact, you may have seen a famous Georgia-based restaurant while watching college football this season asking us all to ‘Eat Mor Chikin’. Here’s the Best Fried Chicken Sandwiches in Georgia as voted by you.

Regardless of the outcome of the football game, you’ll be a winner with any of these National Championship Sandwiches. Take a trip along The Great American Sandwich Trail next time you are in Georgia or Alabama.

One of the missions at Sandwich America® is to travel the nation looking for those special sandwiches that you can’t stop thinking about, those that you crave. We hope you’ll share your favorites with us as we go on this journey on The Great American Sandwich Trail…discovering and sharing amazing sandwiches for sandwich lovers near and far.

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