Why Game Day Sandwiches?

Football season is more than just football. It’s the passion, pageantry, and parties that make everyone a fan all season long. Whether at the game or home, game day is all about the high energy experience…it’s like one big party.

Both college and pro football fans love tailgating. It’s the reason to come early, be loud and stay late. But, not everyone can make it to the game so “homegating” is an even bigger part of the fall spectacle that is football.

Each year over 60 million people attend either a pro or college football game. Roughly 20% of these attendees tailgate before the game. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, as 70% of football fans say they’d rather get together with friends at home to enjoy the game versus actually go to the game. Homegating is not just reserved for the biggest game of the year, either, as 25% said they homegate at least four times per season.

Any way you slice it, Game Day Parties are big

At Sandwich America, we love a good Game Day Party.

And we love Game Day Sandwiches even more!

For October Sandwich Night in America, we’re honoring Fall Football by sharing some of the best recipes from folks who know how to get your Game Day Parties going. These recipes are not only perfect for Game Day, but for any night where your family is looking for sandwich satisfaction.

We decided to stay away from hamburgers and hot dogs, for our Game Day Sandwiches. But rest assured, you can add those to any celebration and your crowd will cheer.

Without further ado, here are the recipes for Game Day Sandwiches:

Game Night Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

A quick and easy sandwich made with tailgate favorites, like cool blue cheese, tangy wing sauce, and spicy cayenne pepper. Recipe provided by A Cozy Kitchen and Tyson Foods.

Turkey Sloppy Joes with Bread & Butter Chips

This is a healthier twist on a classic sandwich from Vlasic Pickles. The smooth texture of the meat and the crunch of the pickle (which adds taste without calories) is a match made for our Game Day Sandwiches Hall of Fame.

BLT + Spicy Baked Avocado Sandwiches

Get ready to add these to your playbook. Kick up a plain old BLT with this easy-to-prepare sandwich recipe with spicy baked Avocado Slices. Sound hard, it’s easy when you start with Farm Rich Avocado Slices.

Green Monster Sandwich

Speaking of Avocados, did you know the avocado contains nearly 20 vitamins and minerals? That plus many other benefits deserves a second sandwich option. This creamy game day sandwich comes from Avocados of Mexico.

Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Jack and Smoked Gouda

The world’s most award-winning cheese comes from Wisconsin, so what could be better than grilled cheese Game Day Sandwiches. This recipe from Wiscon Cheese takes advantage of two delictible buttery cheeses.

Smothered Rueben Sliders

An open-faced bite-sized delight. Inspired by your favorite deli, then taken up a notch. Ready in under 30 minutes. Full of cheesy corned beef goodness featuring Wishbone(R) Thousand Island Dressing.

Pulled Chicken Sliders with Barq’s Root Beer Barbecue Sauce

And, speaking of sliders, here’s a recipe from Jamie Purviance (one of America’s top grilling experts) featured in Weber’s New Way Grilling cookbook. You had us at Molasses and chili powder.

Try one of these great sandwiches tonight, or bring all of these Game Day Sandwiches together for your next Game Day Party. You can even score big and kick it up a notch with Jennifer Daskevich’s award winning Game Day Sandwich recipe for Cashew Crusted Fried Chicken Sliders with Rootbeer, Bacon, Apricot Jam, Chipotle Yogurt Sauce and Fresh Basil on Toasted Brioche.

We’re sure you’ll have cheering fans.

What is Sandwich Night in America?

There are many days devoted to the celebration of the almighty sandwich and we at Sandwich America plan on celebrating every last one of them.  We think the sandwich deserves more.  We think the sandwich deserves at least one day a month, every month, dedicated to this versatile and wonderful culinary creation.

Therefore, we at Sandwich America hereby declare the 4th Tuesday of every month as Sandwich Night in America.  This will be a night to eat in and celebrate the sandwich with friends and family and share your amazing home made sandwich creations with us here at Sandwich America.

Join us in celebrating the sandwich in ways it deserves to be celebrated.