The Great American Sandwich Trail revisits the Best Sandwiches in Texas

Texas is the second largest state in the United States, but some say it’s a country apart. The state is as diverse as it is sizable, and this is especially true for the state of Texas cuisine. Speaking of diversity of cuisine, have you ever checked how many ways they spell BBQ (BBQ, Barbecue, Bar-B-Que, BBQue, etc.)? Texas is the perfect place for sandwiches, and no sandwich is more iconic than BBQ Brisket. Texas is the home of the 2018 College Basketball National Championship, so Sandwich America® went back to our Great American Sandwich Trail and to share the Best Sandwiches in Texas featuring BBQ Brisket.

Quick review…

Sandwich America© and USA Today 10Best set out to find the best BBQ Brisket Sandwiches in Texas as part of our Iconic State Sandwiches Series. To make it happen, we joined forces with The Food Channel to nominate worthy restaurants.

Today, we’re revisiting the top 5 results. For the full list, click here.

The Wootan Family has served hundreds of thousands of hungry diners over the years in the Texas Hill Country.

This is no barbecue boutique. You pick your meat outside from the BBQ Pits and then walk in to order your sides. Cooper’s serves up their brisket “low and slow” over mesquite wood resulting in very tender meat that is chopped for their sandwich.

Joseph’s Riverport Bar-B-Que

201 N Polk Street Jefferson, Texas

Another small-town, basic decor gem, Joseph’s is located in far Northeast Texas. Joseph’s routinely makes the list of top bar-B-Que joints in the state…for good reason.

Joseph’s is known for their brisket so tender you can cut it with a fork. So, why not add that delicious meat with a signature smoke ring to a simple sandwich?!?

No reason at all not to.

Hutchins BBQ

1301 N. Tennesse St. McKinney, TX

Hutchins BBQ in McKinney makes the list of Best Sandwiches in Texas. How serious are they about their Texas roots? They serve “straight from the heart barbecue” and runs their BBQ pits 24/7.

They serve another ‘simple sandwich’ that is all about the flavor and texture of BBQ Brisket, cooked over fine pecan wood. Your nose and taste buds will know this is a true authentic sandwich.

Heim Barbecue

11109 W. Magnolia Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76104

Photo Courtesy of Heim Barbecue

This Texas Barbecue joint is just a little different. In fact, Heim Barbecue started out as a food truck and within a year earned local and national press for their food. Everything at Heim Barbecue is made from scratch, including their traditional pit-smoked, no-sauce-needed brisket. You can do a simple sandwich, or get a little adventurous and try the BBQ Snob Sandwich. This is one of the best sandwiches in Texas stuffed with brisket, jalapeno cheese sausage and bacon burnt ends.

Hays County Barbeque Restaurant is last, but certainly not least, on our list of Top 5 Best Sandwiches in Texas featuring barbecue brisket.

This brisket is smoked for 18 hours over a combination of mesquite and post oak woods. Their sandwich can be ordered sliced or chopped, slathered in a sweet, thick, peppery sauce and piled between two buns. Yum!

Who’s on Your List of Best Sandwiches in Texas?

Next time you find yourself in the State of Texas, check out one of these barbecue joints…or, better yet make a stop at each as part of your own Great American Sandwich Trail. Then drop us a line and let us know if your list of the Best Sandwiches in Texas matches ours.