Freedom Trail or Great American Sandwich Trail?

Boston is the capital of Massachusetts and is, in fact, the largest city in New England. Founded in the 1630’s it’s one of the oldest cities in the United States. Boston played a central role in the American Revolution. So, it’s only fitting their football team is named the Patriots. Back in the Big Game yet again this year, Sandwich America celebrated their (potential championship run) by scouting out the Best Sandwiches in Boston. They have their Freedom Trail and we have our Great American Sandwich Trail, so it’s only fair.

Known as a blue-collar town, Boston is literally filled with sandwich shops of all shapes and sizes, serving up great sandwiches. From a classic lobster roll to Italian Grinders to breakfast sandwiches, here are five of the Best Sandwiches in Boston (in no particular order).

James Hook & Company

440 Atlantic Ave, Boston, MA 02110

Photo Courtesy of James Hook & Co.

If you’re looking for a classic New England Lobster Roll, this could be the best in Boston. Located on the Historic Boston Harbor, for 85+ years, James Hook & Co. is a family-owned business dedicated to fresh, quality lobster and seafood. They have quite a mail order business for fresh fish but also serve sandwiches from a small standing room only restaurant. The Lobster Roll is light on the mayo and filled with a generous portion of sweet tasting lobster on a buttery bun.

Mike & Patty’s

12 Church St, Bay Village, Boston, MA 02116-5514

Photo Courtesy of Mike & Patty’s

Mike & Patty’s serves up some of the Best Sandwiches in Boston yet only has four stools in the place. But, oh, the sandwiches!

They are so good, bread is part of their logo. Mike & Patty’s is only open for breakfast and lunch. They serve classic breakfast favorites in sandwich form. The Breakfast Grilled Crack includes a fried egg, bacon (you can add more if you want) and three types of cheese (American, cheddar, and gruyere) on buttered sourdough.

Monica’s Mercato & Salumeria

130 Salem St, Boston, MA 02113-1764

Photo Courtesy of Monica’s Mercato & Salumeria

An unintended sandwich shop.

This is a Mercato that became a ‘sandwich shop’ when patrons asked them to put their cured meats and cheeses into mercato-made rolls from their downstairs bakery.

Understandably, their Italian Sub is one of our Best Sandwiches in Boston. No skimping here, the secret is quality meats and cheeses, sliced with care right in front of you using hand-cranked slicers. This is a sandwich: Prosciutto, Mortadella, Salami, Provolone plus lettuce, tomato, and onion on crunchy fresh bread…each bite delivers perfect sandwich harmony.

Sam LaGrassa’s

130 Salem St, Boston, MA 02113-1764

Photo Courtesy of Sam LaGrassa’s

A classic Boston eatery delivering generously sized sandwiches, Sam LaGrassa’s offers multiple menu options in the heart of the financial services district. Besides serving up some of the Best Sandwiches in Boston, here too they feature long lines for lunch. Come early if that’s a turn-off, but the line moves pretty fast. Sam himself can usually be found behind the counter (but only for lunch and not on the weekends). This is more a traditional New York deli than the other sandwich shops featured. They serve what may very well be the best Pastrami and Corned Beef sandwiches in Boston.

Roast Beast

1080 Commonwealth Ave, Boston, MA 02215-1101

Photo Courtesy of Roast Beast

If you love roast beef, this is the place to go for a sandwich!

Roast Beast has a simple model: pick a bun, pick a ‘heaping helping’ of meat (or two), pick toppings and sauces and watch the fun.

The roast beef is, of course, our favorite. Thinly sliced, perfectly rare, piled high and placed lovingly on a roll.

Be sure to bring your appetite. Their secret beast sauce is divine and the toppings are sure to please. The Beast has plenty of fans, but again, not a lot of seating so come prepared.

Who’s on Your List of Best Sandwiches in Boston?

Next time you find yourself in historic Boston, check out one of these shops…or, better yet make a stop at each as part of your own Great American Sandwich Trail. Then drop us a line and let us know if your list of the Best Sandwiches in Boston matches ours.