Author: Michael La Kier

The Great Debate: Is a Hot Dog a Sandwich?

The Great Sausage Debate Is a Hot Dog a Sandwich? It’s complicated. One side says, ‘of course’ while the other says ‘no way’ and there are lots of opinions of whether a Hot Dog is a Sandwich. With arguments ranging from ‘vehement yes’ to ‘positively no’, one thing is certain: the Hot Dog is one popular…food. Before we get drawn into the debate (hint: as the Sandwich Authority we have a pretty strong point of view), let’s explore Hot Dog Lore and why people people get so excited about this question. The origin of the Hot Dog is somewhat murky....

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A Burger So Big and Ugly…It Was Delicious

The Great American Sandwich Trail® finds great sandwiches and features the fine establishments serving up these delicious dishes so you can try them no matter where you are in the US. ================================================================================== Burgers and More Great Sandwiches Abound in College Towns At Sandwich America® we have a fondness for college towns. That fondness – in no small part – is because a college town is a great place to find some of the best sandwiches in the United States. And, if you desire a great burger (perhaps America’s favorite sandwich of all), Bloomington, Indiana is not only the Home of the...

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Round 5 Iconic State Sandwich Winners Announced

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