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Would You Pay $180 for a Steak Sandwich?

An eyewateringly expensive steak sandwich is coming to San Francisco, Eater reports, and no, not in the form of a regrettable late night call to room service. A Most Expensive Steak Sandwich Tokyo-based Wagyumafia will open at the city’s One Henry Development early next year, where you’ll be able to pick up the sammie, which consists of a piece of Wagyu beef breaded and fried, and served between slices of toasted white bread, with soy and vinegar sauce, for a cool $180. If you’re unsure just why Wagyu beef is so expensive, then take a look a the infographic below,...

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No Meat? No Worries. Yummy Veggie Sandwiches.

A Canvas for Culinary Innovation Sandwiches are so versatile. Sandwiches provide an ideal platform for people to experiment. A key trends we see today is people eating a wider variety of sandwiches and as they look for new, unique food options. Veggie Sandwiches, anyone? 37% of the population always or sometimes eats vegetarian meals when eating out. This fact has strong implications for America’s diet. And for food companies and restaurants. It’s not just an ethical statement, but about taste, too. And, for parents, it’s a great way to get kids to eat more vegetables. For those who have adopted the vegan...

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Sandwich Night in America Celebrates Back to School

Back to School for Sandwich Night in America Every night is Sandwich Night here at Sandwich America. But we celebrate the ‘official’ Sandwich Night in America on the 4th Tuesday of every month. Why this night? It’s the end of the month when budgets run low. It’s mid-week when schedules get crazy, and sandwich prep (and clean up) is easier than other meals.  It brings families together for a fun and different family meal during the week. Celebrating Sandwich Night The kids are back in school and family schedules are a bit more hectic. For this reason, September Sandwich...

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Celebrate August Sandwich Night Grilled Aussie Grassfed Beef Bahn Mi Sandwiches from Girls Can Grill

To celebrate August Sandwich Night we turn to the grill and one of our favorite grill masters, Christie at Girls Can Grill.  She created a delicious marinade for Aussie Grassfed Flat Iron and paired it with fresh and pickled veggies to create this beautiful Bahn Mi style sandwich.  Fire up your grill and give this one a try to end the summer in style. Visit Christie at Girls can Grill and follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for daily grilling inspiration. Here is her recipe and tips for this great sandwich. Grilled Aussie Grassfed Beef Bahn Mi Sandwiches...

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You Scream, I Scream, We All Scream for an Ice Cream Sandwich

Not only is August National Sandwich Month but August 3 is National Ice Cream Sandwich Day.  We couldn’t let this day go by without sharing some of our favorite Ice Cream Sandwiches from around the foodiesphhere. It was a hard list to narrow down as you really can’t go wrong with an ice cream sandwich – but here are some great recipes to check out and make at home. The Ice Cream Sandwich Trick and S’mores Ice Cream Sandwich from Kimber at the Pinning Mama This one we put first as it helps you build the perfect ice cream sandwich...

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Round 5 Iconic State Sandwich Winners Announced

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Inspired by @LouLou_Loves_Food shot of her Pastrami Sandwich from @HarryAndIdas, NYC, I  decided to:
A) Make my own Pastrami; &
B) Recreate the sandwich
Sous Vide Pastrami, Bread and Butter Pickles, Dehydrated Dill, Truffle Mustard
I modified @ChefSteps Sous Vide Pastrami recipe for this, and am already in the process of making the next batch!
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