World Sandwich Champion Jennifer Daskevich founded Sandwich America.  It is a landing place where sandwich lovers can unite and celebrate all things sandwich.

Nothing is as versatile as a sandwich. It can be for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, or a snack. Americans are known for their great sandwich creations.

Although the sandwich may not have been invented in America, it has indeed been perfected and mastered in America. Sandwiches cross into every culinary trend.  Whether it be quick and simple, ethnic flavors, elevated gourmet ingredients, farm to table food, or healthy lifestyles, sandwiches fulfill every culinary need.

Sandwiches are clearly part of Americana and are the finest American Fare. There are tens of thousands of restaurants, bars, food-trucks, and dives across this great country that all have a signature sandwich.   Many home cooks claim to have the best sandwich in the world.

Sandwiches are not just for lunch anymore and Sandwich America is a place where families, restaurants, couples, singles – everyone – can come to celebrate the sandwich beyond a quick pick up lunch.

Sandwich America was born on November 3,  National Sandwich Day.  Join us at Sandwich America to celebrate the humble yet almighty sandwich.

More About our Founder Jennifer A. Daskevich


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As a competitive cook, lawyer, restaurant owner, wine sommelier, award winning food photographer and budding foodie entrepreneur – Jennifer’s life is more than just “A Little Gourmet Everyday” – it’s a full sprint living buffet.

Jennifer has multiple TV appearances, now as a recurring featured local Tampa Food Personality on NBC Affiliate WFLA, and her winning role in FYI’s Original Series “World Food Championships”.  She also competes and wins major competitions regularly.  Jennifer is the 2013/2014 World Sandwich Champion and the 2015 Chevron Game Day Chef of the Year.

Her authentic approach draws many fans and brands to embrace her warm, approachable and delicious style.  She has become quite the entrepreneur and has opened her first restaurant, Coastal Grill & Bar,  in Central Florida with a uniquely casual, coastal cuisine flair.



What is Your Favorite Sandwich?  Do you Eat Out or Make it at Home?

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