From Ally’s Kitchen: Caribbean Grilled Cheese

When you think of comfort food, what comes to mind? Mashed potatoes. Chicken soup. Pizza. Pasta. Certainly in that category is the grilled cheese sandwich. And, this Caribbean grilled double cheese sandwich is something that you’d never expect to taste when you bite into it!

I have the privilege of doing cooking demos at ‘Live on Green’ in Pasadena, California. Live on Green is a three-day festival for families and children leading up to the iconic Rose Parade. There’s always so much to do, exhibits, face paintings, demonstrations, and every year the United States Air Force has been there. Young airmen, officers, and more all decked out in their fatigues or dress uniforms. Now, guess who gets to be taste testers at the cooking demos? Yep, these wonderful young men and women!

Hot from the Grill

So, when this sandwich was made, it was served to a young Lieutenant. The runner took it hot from the grill where I was cooking on stage. The sandwich was simply perfect. So easy to make. And, everyone was really wondering, yes, you could see the look of confusion on their faces, how it would taste because in this sandwich were two caramelized grilled pineapple slices! Yes, a surprise ingredient sharing the buttery grilled sour dough bread and ooooeeee gooooeeee melted cheeses that would be unexpected!

Well, you should have seen the crowd as the sandwich was served. Everyone turned almost simultaneously in their chairs to look straight at the young man sitting off to the side with the other two taste testers. He took the sandwich. Picked up one half of it. Took a big healthy bite. Seconds passed. Chewing chewing. No words.

And, then the MC said, ‘So how do you like it?’ His response, and I kid you not, was simply ‘OMG, OMG, OMG!’ Then he said, ‘It’s soooooooooo good and I never thought to put a pineapple on it!’ Yes, the young military man devoured the entire sandwich.

And, yes, I had to make two more for the other two taste testers! Now, if that’s not enough convincing for you to try this recipe, then you’re gonna be missing a divine culinary experience!

This story and the Caribbean Grilled Cheese Sandwich recipe come courtesy of our friend Ally Phillps at Ally’s Kitchen