Sandwich America® was created to unite people and celebrate a love of sandwiches. And, love sandwiches we do as a nation. Sandwiches are America’s favorite handheld…or, at least our favorite edible handheld.

We created this 15 Fun Sandwich Facts Infographic to capture just how important sandwiches are to all of us…everyday, all the time.

15 Fun Sandwich Facts Infographic

15 Fun Sandwich Facts Infographic

Just the Fun Sandwich Facts

If an Infographic is not your cup of tea, below are the 15 Fun Sandwich Facts for you to learn more about (all facts are clickable links):

Everybody is all in on sandwiches

1) Americans eat about 300 million sandwiches every day.

2) People eat an average of 3.7 sandwiches per week.

3) Nearly half of all people (47%) ate a sandwich in the past day.

4) The average American eats 1,500 PB&Js by the time they graduate high school.

All Day, Everyday

5) Good for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Increasingly, there is a demand for mini sandwiches people can eat as a snack (37% of people want mini, snackable sandwiches, up from 31% in 2012).

6) 58% of adults pack a sandwich for lunch weekly. 68% of parents pack a sandwich weekly for their kids.

7) The most people making sandwiches simultaneously was 2,586. This Guinness World Record was achieved in Dallas, Texas in February 2016.

8) The record for most sandwiches made in one hour is 49,100. It was achieved by Temple University’s Main Campus Program Board in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on September 19, 2016.

9) The United States of America is considered the country of origin of more than 60 different kinds of sandwiches.

Everywhere, All the Time

10) 52% of sandwiches are made at home, with 48% away from home.

11) More than 9 in 10 (92%) people bought a sandwich away from home in the past two months.

12) Nearly 7 out of 10 restaurants offer some type of sandwich on the menu.

13) Sandwiches are menued more frequently than any other type of entrée at restaurants.

14) More than 2/3rds of all sandwiches at restaurants are custom-made from an existing menu item. In fact, over 1/3 of people say they choose sandwiches because they can customize.

15) 35% of adults ate at least one sandwich per week at a restaurant, 29% ate one from a drive-through, 16% from a supermarket or convenience store, 7% from a cafeteria, and 6% had a sandwich from a street vendor or food truck.

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