Ready…Set…Action…Sandwiches in Hollywood

It’s been said that entertainment reflects society. America eats a massive amount of sandwiches – 300,000,000 daily – so, to no one’s surprise, sandwiches have made their way into the entertainment world. In a big way…Hollywood literally loves sandwiches. For our list of unbelievable sandwiches from movies and TV there was a lot to choose from. We set out to find 5 scenes, however we found so many great movies and TV shows that featured sandwiches, we decided to make our list longer.

To be included, the scene had to be an important one in the movie, sandwiches had to play a big role in the scene, AND lastly our selections were ones that really had to resonate with audiences.

Without further ado, here are the first 5 of our 10 Unbelievable Sandwiches from Movies and TV list (in no particular order).

Dave (1993)

If you were president, what would you put on your sandwich? It turns out, the answer is, “prett much anything you want”. In a scene from the movie “Dave”, Kevin Kline makes a late night sandwich to share with secret service agent Ving Rhames. The White House kitchen is filled with everything you’d want to put on a sandwich. EVERYTHING. In fact, the scene opens with the president shredding a carrot to add color and crunch to his sandwich. Interesting choice, but with an amazing kitchen (in the most famous house in the free world) to make a sandwich, no one will question it.

Chef (2014)

Perhaps one of the best movies of all time to feature food. Writer, director, producer and Chef John Favreau brings together a hilarious star-studded cast to start a food truck frenzy with Cubano Sandwiches. Like most people in America, if you saw this movie, you left the theater craving a good Cuban Sandwich. This scene has been described as beautifully scripted food porn for a reason. The recipe can be found in the movie’s special features, but El Jefe was also nice enough to share it in its entirety on Reddit.

Kill Bill Vol 2 (2011)

A master of dialogue and mayhem, Quentin Tarantino, uses a sandwich in a central scene in this action-packed movie as a storytelling vehicle. David Carradine prepares a rather plain ham and cheese sandwich with a super large knife while sharing a lesson on life and death. There’s complete tension, and significant foreshadowing of violence in this scene as “Bill” tells his wife, The Bride (Uma Thurman), how the family goldfish died. Bill’s smooth storytelling makes this a scene you can’t take stop watching. This follows the Tarantino Tradition of having actors prepare food and drink in a mouth-watering manner.

Spanglish (2004)

Director James L. Brooks turned to Chef Thomas Keller – one of America’s favorite chefs – to create a sandwich movie-goers would remember. He combined three of America’s favorite sandwiches – a BLT, fried egg sandwich and grilled cheese – to make (dare we say) movie history. While the movie didn’t achieve critical or commercial success the sandwich went on to become one of the most unbelievable sandwiches from movies and TV. Beyond the recipe, Keller himself helped Sandler prepare for the movie scene.

Friends (1998)

In a Thanksgiving episode aptly titled, “The One with Ross’ Sandwich”, an unbelievable sandwich named “The Moist Maker” drove Ross to the edge of madness. The Moist Maker? It was a Thanksgiving Leftover sandwich with an extra slize of bread in the middle which had been soaked in gravy, hence the ‘moistness’. This is another sandwich so great that you can find multiple recipes on the Internet. 

When Harry Met Sally (1989)

There’s no better way to crown the first half of our 10 Unbelievable Sandwiches from Movies and TV list than this. Did you know that one of the most famous moments in romantic comedy history starred a sandwich? O…O…OK, maybe we’re taking this topic to the extreme. It FEATURED a sandwich and STARRED Meg Ryan (and Billy Crystal. too).

At New York’s Katz’s Deli, Harry and Sally debate sexual etiquette over turkey and corned beef sandwiches. Sally exhibits the most “overly enthusiastic reaction” to a sandwich we’ve seen in cinema. Today, if you wander into Katz’s Deli (above their most famous table) there’s a sign that reads, “Where Harry Met Sally…Hope You Have What She Had!”.

To be Continued…

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